A firework of humiliation and terror!

Cindy and Melady come into the apartment and notice that I have not cleaned up Richie's house slave and cleaned it up. Instead, they see him sleeping on the couch. Immediately they wake him up and push him off the bed to look at the dirt that he has not cleaned. Suddenly Cindy takes the full ashtray and simply throws the entire contents onto the floor. Cigarettes and ashes are now everywhere on the floor. "Putz!" The two command him and Richie gets to work straight away. But Cindy is all too timid. She pulls him to the ground by and Melady covers him with a blindfold that he can no longer see. And before Richie can start cleaning, Cindy aggressively presses his face into the ashes and tells him to lick the ashes off the floor, "like you would lick a pussy!" She says. There are a few violent ass kicks from Melady, Richie has to lick all the ashes off the floor with his tongue. Meanwhile, Melady sits on his back and Cindy blurs the ashes with her high heels. They verbally humiliate him, insult him and insult him vulgarly. Cindy forcibly stuffs a can into his mouth and s him to hold it in his mouth like a dog's bone all the time. The two sadistic ladies use his back as a chair and humble themselves with all kinds of actions. With the beverage can in his mouth and the blindfold open, Richie has to clean the floor with the two sitting on his back. Melady sprinkles flower water on his face and Cindy stuffs the dirty cleaning cloth into his mouth. Richie is finally humiliated and intimidated and keeps cleaning. Then Sadistic-Queen Cindy empties a dishwasher on the floor to make more dirt and drips on his head. The two empty the washing bucket over his head and finally put the bucket on him like a helmet. Richie sees nothing more and now has to dance in a circle on the orders of the two, the two beating him on the bucket with a wooden handle. Then Richie has to keep cleaning. At the command of the two, he has to say about himself “I'm the scum!” And when he has to continue cleaning the floor without seeing anything, the two terror ladies are still spitting on the floor. Without seeing anything, he then has to find the spit on the floor to wipe it away. Then they order him to take off his t-shirt, make fun of him, insult him extremely, and him to wipe up the remaining dirt on the floor with his t-shirt. With the beverage can in his mouth, he has to keep brushing his own T-shirt while the two enjoy themselves and mock him.

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Terror 13

  • Product Code: Terror 13
Length: Minute
  • 11.40€

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